About Global Skill City

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 Our Vision :

  • Skill more than a Million people in next 10 years
  • To be among top 10 skill building companies in the world by 2020

 Our Mission :

  • Establish most cost-effective and qualitative talent acquisition model which help organizations and individuals in talent retention & skill hybridization
  • Develop future professionals & shape up current professionals as world class and value - based

 Our Values :

  • Respect all human beings
  • Integrity
  • Value potential
  • Excellence
  • Responsibility - 3Dimentional (Biz/Society/Family)



Global Skill City has been established to skill more than a million people in the next 10 years,and to be among the top 10 skill building companies by 2020.

Global Skill City is a lifelong learning initiative which aims to empower youth with domain knowledge & skills, by offering them vocational training & skills building programs, thereby making them employable.The focus of the company is to "Skill India" by building eco system for "learning & earning" using state-of-the-art Infrastructure and technological interventions.

Our business model addresses the entire talent supply chain ranging from students in colleges to top line management in large corporates.

Our factory model helps large-scale skill development. We modelled rapid content creation & on-time content delivery based on the industry needs to bridge the skill gap across industry lines & academia.

Global Skill City is professionally managed organization that believes in a beneficial long-term relationship with all the key stakeholders including employees, customers, shareholders, suppliers, local communities' members, and advocacy groups.

We believe in creating an eco-system, which is conducive to build work skills and life skills, enhance productivity of working professionals, and fostering continuous learning – using technological interventions, best –in-class competency frameworks, Physical & IT Infrastructure, Practical Gurus , bottom line is – we address Physics, Chemistry and Bio-logy of Skill Building.


We offer the following to our clients:

  • Corporate training to cross-skill & up-skill employees
  • Cost effective way for companies to hire people in bulk.
  • Offer customized pre-hire skilling solutions for the corporate.
  • End-to-end professional, job skills & Vocational skills.
  • Employment opportunities for unemployed youth.
  • Bring in the culture of lifelong learning, which directly translates to career progress and success.
  • Charter a learning solution that takes care of your organizational challenges & help you achieve                        your organizational objectives.
  • Industry relevant curriculum with quality content certified from industry experts.
  • Customization of training content.
  • Access to our rich pool of our learning consultants, behavioural and communication experts &                    domain experts.
  • Technology & infrastructure support for trainings.
  • Strategize to maximize your ROI in training initiatives.
  • Develop Competencies frameworks,
  • Develop Tech-ladder programmes,
  • Road-map for Leadership pipe-line,
  • Building Technical, process related, domain related and quality related skills

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Phone No : 080 6452 0622,
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Global Skill City has tied up with leading content providers across the globe to create employment oriented learning content on various domains & ensures that the students are abreast the latest innovations from within the industry. Global Skill City has tied up with industries and government bodies for the placement of the qualified trainees. Our wide ranging services to institutes include e-learning, providing quality trainers in various domains, faculty development programs, infrastructure support, technology support, employability enhancement and customized content.

Based on our extensive discussions with academia and industry, we have been able to plug in the missing elements in the mainstream education which will address the employment gap issues. Global Skill City can help institutions by bring in the industry curriculum with right skills which will dovetail perfectly with the mainstream education thus enabling a student to secure jobs in the relevant sectors.

GSC is working relentlessly to bring together the learning, education, technology and jobs under a single umbrella to create a rich talent supply chain pool, where demand meets supply.


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