Why Campus to Corporate

C-2-C participants will be employable to get jobs that yield them high returns in terms of Money / Status and Job satisfaction.

A person moving out from a campus and entering corporate needs to do a lot of planning. It also creates a sense of excitement about forthcoming experiences and fear of what lies ahead, as there will be new challenges to face and huge obstacles to overcome when one starts climbing up in the career ladder. The Campus to Corporate program will play a phenomenal step in one’s life and that should be handled with utmost care.

Individual Skills
Corporate Skills
Industry Skills


Campus to Corporate Program

Global Skill City has designed and developed employability program which stands as Transition / Transformation Program between Student life to Employee status.

In the interest of controlled transition, C-2-C program is addressing skills as I C I skill development(Individual skill, Corporate Skill & Industry Skills).

Focus is on skills which an individual should possess in order to do well in the interview or selection process and get a job.

Focus will be more on modules addressing work place skills, Industry specific skills, compliance and process related skills etc.

Focus is on a hybrid model, which comprises of prescribed modules as well as elective modules(individual’s choice) in Technologies and Domain space.


Skills coverage :Technical skills, Domain skills, Soft skills, Behavioral skills, Some Industry specific skills, Process skills, Business etiquette and Business skills, Understanding Customer, Team dynamics, and so on… comprehensive employability skills

Campus to Corporate Highlight

  • 360 degree View of Skill Building
  • Anywhere Any-time Learning
  • Skill learning at your own Pace
  • Blended Learning through e-Learning, Online-mentoring, Contact session & Classroom Coaching
  • Enough time for Behavioral Skills & Soft Skills development
  • Inherit Comprehensive Business & Work Skills
  • Skill building highlights in the area of Technology, Domain, Process, Compliance & Soft Skills

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