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Information Technology

Global Skill City provides highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective software services, application development & maintenance services and multimedia services to wide variety of clients which are aimed at meeting their specific business needs.
We have dedicated result oriented team working with cutting edge technologies, ensuring total quality in deliverables and high value returns, thus generating a high level of satisfaction in our clients. We help companies define& outline their technology strategy. We also help them to execute that strategy by designing, building solutions that are at the core of their business operations. We do all this at a reduced implementation costs and timelines.
We build custom applications for our clients which can be readily absorbed – with minimal interruptions to your current processes. We provide thought leadership for our clients to expand their business & advocate advanced technological strategies that work across multiple platforms and infrastructures.
We offer the following services to our clients:
  • ERP implementation and support
  • Software Application development & Maintenance
  • Product Road-map, Product Architecture, Product Development & Product Management

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